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Bioluminescent Bay in Puerto Rico

Bioluminescent Bay is a popular attraction in Puerto Rico, but that doesn’t mean you should expect to be surrounded by tourists as you try to enjoy the natural sights! Here are some tips to get you the best experience possible for your trip to Bioluminescent Bay.

Take A Boat

Kayak tours are offered by many guides and they are exciting, hands-on experiences for anyone who joins in! Taking a kayak tour means you’ll get a truly memorable experience any time of day. A combination tour will take you both on a hike and through the water on a kayak. But, if you’re not a kayaking person, electric boat tours are also offered so you can sit back and relax while you take in the beauty around you.

Bioluminescent Bay in Puerto Rico PhotoSee The Full Moon

Going during the day is exciting and undoubtedly beautiful. You’ll be able to take plenty of pictures to share with friends and family, and those memories will never be forgotten. But, if you want to experience a calming, renewing experience that is something different than what you’d normally expect, visiting Bioluminescent Bay at night is a great opportunity to see the full moon over the forest.

Kayaking…At Night?

Tour guides do allow you to book a kayaking tour in the late evening, but that often means coming back in the dark. While being out on the water at night is a great experience, it’s not exactly recommended. Many people report coming back in the dark and then tripping over their kayaks because of the lack of light. So, it’s best to count on coming back before the sun sets and then taking in the rest of the sights from land to avoid any accidents!

Enjoy It

Bioluminescent Bay is a highly-acclaimed spot for tourists from all over. Taking a trip here means spending hours in nature taking in the true beauty of your surrounding. Make sure to bring your camera so you can take lots of photos and share your experience with your friends and family, but don’t forget to be in the moment and see it with your own eyes!


Bioluminescent Bay is a great place to visit any time of year, and any time of day. While kayaking tours are offered all hours of the day, you should try to book a bit earlier so you don’t end up coming back in the dark—just to be extra careful. If you do end up staying out late, make sure to wait and take in the sight of the full moon over the forest. It’s something you’ll truly never forget!