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Current Conditions of Laguna Grande’s Bioluminescence

Hello! Note, that our kayak tours have reopened! Hope to see you soon!


Hello, and welcome to Puerto Rico!

My name is Jose Guzman and I am the owner/operator of Puerto Rico Transport Service we have been offering quality, timely, safe transportation here in Puerto Rico for 18 plus years and are delighted you are visiting our beautiful island!

Here on you will find some of the most requested tours found on the island of Puerto Rico, such as guided nature walks & hiking tours into the El Yunque rainforest along with guided kayaking tours into Laguna Grande located on the Northeast coast in the town of Fajardo to see the glowing waters at night! Puerto Rico Transport Service has teamed up with Puerto Rico Bio Bay Tours LLC, who are the developer and operator of the nature & adventure, eco tours offered here on this site to bring a Turn Key Service to those guests in need of tours and transportation.

Our service is to give round trip, door to door transportation from your hotel, condominium, guest house to the tour location and back to your accommodations. Our true passion and goal is to give our service in a timely, safe and comfortable environment, thus allowing each individual to sit back and enjoy Puerto Rico and its wonders without the stress of directions, traffic, and are we lost, that accompany a rental car!

We are proud to offer a high quality fleet of bus’s, SUV and Motor Coach to fit your needs! All of our vehicles meet or exceed the annual requirements of Puerto Rico Touristic Transportation Division and all requirements set by Obras Publicas, which is the local Department of Transportation Authorities.

Safety Is Always First!

Groups 8 to 12 passengers will be picked-up in a passenger van, groups larger than 12 to 23 will be picked-up in our mini-bus. Special Requests or larger groups can be accommodated with multiple vans, mini-buses or motor coaches (i.e. MCI)! Special Notes, Pick-up’s will be done from multiple locations, starting from the farthest location and working back toward said tour site. Guests should expect multiple short stops to pick-up other guests, then expect the same on the return. Return transportation will be making short stops starting at the closest hotels for tour site and working toward the farthest. Stops are long enough to unload said guest safely! We route our pickup’s and returns based on timelines and guests locations, please be at appointed pickup locations on time ready for our drivers to pick you up! Drivers will only wait at appointed pickup locations for five minutes past appointed pickup time!

Thank you for your interest in our services and I look forward to seeing you in Puerto Rico in the near future!

Owner of Puerto Rico Transport Service:
Jose Guzman

Will you need transportation?

If so we can arrange round trip transportation picking you up at your hotel and returning you back after the tour. If your planing to rent a car we can provide you with a map and contact info to help in locating the said tour site. However, you can use our interactive maps!

Fajardo, PR
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