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COVID Prevention & Protection Protocol

Prevention and Protection Protocol

We remain committed to offering our guests a safe, health environment for you and your friends and family. That is why when you visit our tours, keep in mind that:

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A scheduled booking is required prior to taking the tour, bookings at tour location my not be available due to reduced tour capacities as to comply with Social Distancing protocols.

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We will take your temperature before allowing you and or friends and family to partake in the tour. Note – Anyone with 100.3 or higher tempter will be unable to participate in the tour.

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You must always wear a mask, this is by law in public places as set by Puerto Rico Executive Order. Please make sure that you arrive at tour location with masks for all participants. Note – anyone without a mask will be unable to participate in the tour!

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Keep 6 feet of distance at all times between other guests, and follow all appointed social distancing and sanitizing requirements as set by PRBBT tour guides!

Please make sure you have read our COVID Operation Plan and feel that you and friends and family members can comply with all requirements as set within our COVID Operation plan.

Please make sure that you have completed all parts of our E-Waiver and read and signed all Health and Wellness questions for each adult 18 or older as well as signing for any minors under your care. Minimum age to participate is 6 years and older!