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Our Policies

Puerto Rico Bio Bay Tours LLC. Welcome’s you to our Beautiful Island where diversity and ecology meet in perfect harmony! In order for you to have an excellent adventure, please read all the company’s policies, thank you! Our Promises: A Fun, Safe, Memorable, Experience Every Time!

Cancellation Policy

Due to the need to confirm spaces for transportation, food and the limited spaces due to smaller group operations on all tours offered, the following Cancellation Policy is Strictly Enforced!

• All Bookings Are Final once Confirmed!
• Any Changes Must be made 48 hours before confirmed tour date!
• Over Turning All Booking’s Are Final! Changes or Cancellation Requests made 48 hours before confirmed tour date – Travel Plans to Puerto Rico Changed or Cancelled – Guest or Guests Become Sick – these are the only situations that Puerto Rico Bio Bay Tours will process refunds once the booking has been confirmed! Be sure that none of the following applies to you or anyone in your group:
• The tour you are about to book is a kayak tour, not a boat tour, guests will be seated in two-person kayaks for up to two hours and must paddle together as a team during this adventure and is considered a semi-athletic activity. Note that the tour is fully guided and all guests will be supervised and overseen by our guides from start to finish.
• Guests that have bad backs, hips, knees or have any type of surgeries that may make it difficult to be seated in a tight position for up to two hours.
• The best time to see the bioluminescence is on the darkest nights! So if anyone in your group has fears of the dark or tight spaces.
• The breach weight limit on these Ocean Kayaks is combined 450lbs, any couple exceeding or close to this limit will find the kayak more unstable and harder to manage.
• Family groups are welcome, but children must be six years or older and six to eighteen with adult supervision! Children six to ten will be in a kayak with one adult and exposed to dark conditions in and around mangrove trees during this kayak adventure!
• Getting Wet is going to happen! In order to get into and out of the kayaks each couple will wade into the water knee deep to be seated and then again get back out of the kayak! Although the kayaks are very user-friendly and stable, they are kayaks and can flip over putting the said couple into the water. All guests will be in PFD’s Life vests during the tour and guides will be assisting in any and all situations for your safety!
• Flora & Fauna – this tour is held in and around all types of flora and fauna guests and guides will be kayaking through a natural environment that can include but not limited to seagrasses, birds, crabs, trees, insects, lizards, bats, fish and although we very seldom come in contact with them it can happen!

Puerto Rico Bio Bay Tours LLC. Reserves the Right to Cancel any tour for the following

Cancellation on the behalf of Puerto Rico Bio Bay Tours LLC. for weather or mechanical failure will result in a full refund of booking cost. We strive to offer the safest possible guided tours in the industry! Many times mother nature does not allow for our Kayak Tours to be in the water, so if the following conditions arise during your tour date, the tour will be canceled at no charge to you the guests. We will also ask if you have the ability to reschedule during your visit if the Weather Works for that day you will be rescheduled and the tour will run as confirmed!
• Weather Forecast, we watch the weather daily as we are in the tropics and weather can change in a moments notice. If any two of the three weather agencies forecast 50% or higher threat of rain, thunderstorms, winds exceeding 18 knots said tour will be canceled for the safety!
• If the area is being exposed to extreme tides or wave action, said tour will be canceled for safety!
• If unforeseen mechanical problems with our trucks and trailers arise, said tour will be canceled!
• Low or No Showing of the Bioluminescent Organism due to man-made or natural causes, will be canceled!
• Special Note: If any of the above cancelations arise, you will be notified in advance of your tour date and given the opportunity to reschedule if possible, if your schedule does not allow then a full refund will be processed!