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Bioluminescent Bay Night Kayak Adventure

Night Kayaking Eco Adventure

Quick Details

Checkmark  We Offer 2 Night Kayak Tours:

  • Bioluminescent Bay Kayak Adventure during the waxing/waning moon phase
  • Full Moon Kayak Adventure during the full moon phase
Adults Ages 13+
Children Ages from 6 to 12
Groups 10+ Participants

Fajardo Bio Bay Kayaking in Puerto Rico

We off two kayaking tours that correspond with the Lunar Cycle. During the waxing/waning moon phases, the conditions are best for viewing Pyrodinium Bahamense, a species of Dinoflagellate or the bioluminescent organism. During the full moon phase, these conditions are best for viewing the moon’s reflection on the lagoon.

Bioluminescent Bay Kayak Adventure

Don’t let your day end when the sun goes down! We offer relaxing Fajardo kayak tours at sunset that lead to the fascinating Laguna Grande in the town of Fajardo located on the Northeast corner of the island! Under a blanket of the night sky and the historical lighthouse of Fajardo, you can touch the waters that glow with bioluminescent organisms!

The activity starts at sunset in the small fishing village of Las Croabas where you meet the friendly guides of Puerto Rico Bio Bay Tours’ kayak adventure team. They are set up with all the needed gear. The activity starts with botanical insect repellent, waiver orientation, and signing. Then the lead guide gives each group a complete Kayak 101 Safety Training, which covers all aspects of the Bio Bay tour and the operation of their kayaks, then the guides start lifejacket and light disbursement!

Now our tour starts, our guides lead your group across a small fisherman’s harbor to the entrance of Las Cabezas de San Juan Reserve. Here, you enter a mystical channel that leads to a peaceful place where the mangroves create natural tunnels and the sights and sounds of wildlife surround you! After a 25- to 30-minute paddle through the channel, based on traffic and tidal currents, your guide stops once in the lagoon to give commentary on the following points of interest:

• Mangrove forest and the different species.
• Birdlife that inhabits the area.
• Aquatic marine life that uses the lagoon as an estuary.
• Information on the bioluminescence organism.
• History on the lighthouse.
• Insight on seven of eight ecosystems found in the area.

Then we enter the lagoon called Laguna Grande (large Lagoon), here we paddle along the edge of the mangrove forest as we watch the stroke of each paddle light up a bioluminescent blue-green/white-green and encounter fish that look like shooting stars as they swim through the thick concentration of Pyrodinium Bahamense a species of Dinoflagellate!

This leads the group to our breakpoint where beautiful views of the rainforest and the lighthouse of Fajardo accompany interpretation of the natural area and good conversations. Now we are about one hour into our Bio Bay kayak tour, interpretation of the natural area has ended and our group is now en-route to Bird Island to view many birds that roust here at night! Once quietly rounding the small island, we start our return to the departure site, this takes about 30 to 45 minutes.

This tour is offered as the Full Moon Kayak Eco Adventure during the full moon cycle. Please be sure to check what the moon phases are during your visit!

Our equipment is inspected by the U.S. Coast Guards annually.