Puerto Rico Day Kayaking Adventure

Daytime Mangroves to Beach Kayak Tour

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  • Kayaks
  • Lifejackets
  • Refreshments
  • Guides

Love nature & kayaking? Then this is the Puerto Rico tour for you!

On this daytime Puerto Rico kayak tour, our guides lead you across Las Croabas bay, while you enjoy the sun over the Atlantic Ocean. As you leave the bay and enter a mystical channel that leads to a peaceful place where the mangroves create natural tunnels and the sights and sounds of nature surround you!

Once entering the channel wind and waves subside and the red mangrove trees start to close in the channel making natural tunnels! Paddling along tree iguanas start to appear on the shores and in the trees as they start to warm their bodies before the morning forage, spotted red mangrove crabs climb the tree as they avoid our kayaks, birdlife starts to appear as the green heron screams out its threatening call, while above us the magnificent frigate bird scans the reddish-brown waters for its next meal of fish; all this and more as you paddle in to the beautiful Laguna Grande!

We start in the quaint fishing village located in Las Croabas (Fajardo). The activity starts with a pre-waiver orientation and kayak-101 safety training. Training takes about 45 minutes depending on group size. After training, your kayaking adventure starts with your guides leading you to a beautiful channel surrounded by the four species of mangroves, which is a sanctuary for the following wildlife, such as birds, insects, small reptiles, and crustaceans.

As you glide through the channel your guide gives commentary on the above wildlife and the role the mangrove forest plays in this fragile environment. The trip through the channel of Las Cabezas de San Juan Reserve takes 30 minutes. Through the channel,  you enter a beautiful lagoon called Laguna Grande. At the Laguna Grande, you relax with beautiful views of the Lighthouse for Fajardo and the El Yunque rainforest.

Calm, quiet paddling leads us to the far side of Laguna Grande, and here your guide gathers the group into the wind and request you to hold! Once he is on the sandy shore he calls one kayak at a time in and assists everyone out of the kayak, once everyone is out, your guide leads you across a small fishermen path to our breakpoint at the beautiful Seven Seas Beach! You have the opportunity to take a swim in the clear warm waters or sit in on a commentary about the seven ecosystems found in this area! After this relaxing 30-minute break, we return to our kayaks and start our run back to our starting point at Las Croabas fishing village. This activity has about two hours in water and is packed with the sights and sounds of many of Puerto Rico’s natural wonders! The full Fajardo kayak tour duration is approximately three hours.

  • Chevron down No Swimming
  • No swimming is permitted in Laguna Grande under Regulation 8013 of the Department of Natural Resources. Also, note that since 2007 the Department of Natural Resources has appointed nine licensed outfitters for kayak tours within Laguna Grande. All hold different nightly total for guest capacity, with this said the area is saturated, it would be advised that if your vacation plans allow it, it is best to book Monday through Thursday as traffic in the area is less.

  • Chevron down Requirements
  • • No children under six, six through 17 with adult supervision.
    • No alcohol or consumption of alcohol during said tour, anyone under the influence may be removed from the tour.
    • Combined weight not to exceed 450 pounds.

    This tour is not suggested for women six months and further along in their pregnancy term, people with any heart conditions, open heart surgeries, heart murmurs, taking high blood pressure medication, asthmatic, diabetic or has had any recent surgeries that may make it difficult to be seated in a tight position for up to two hours. This tour is not suggested for those who have fear of the water and the dark.

  • Chevron down Please Note
  • Friday & Saturday are packed, although the adventure is still wonderful to be prepared to deal with large groups of people as well as local traffic in the area.