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Current Conditions of Laguna Grande’s Bioluminescence

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Bioluminescent Bay Locations

It’s a well known fact that Puerto Rico has three of the five Bioluminescent Bay Locations in the world that hold the right conditions to support a year round concentration of bioluminescence! These bioluminescent bay locations must support a very critical group of conditions annually in order for bioluminescence to flourish, but many people don’t know that Puerto Rico also has twelve other bioluminescent bay locations that are considered “Semi Annual”.

Semi Annual bioluminescent bay locations are those bodies of water that during certain times of the year develop all the correct conditions to support the bioluminescent organisms known as Dinoflagellates. Due to the short nature of these conditions within these twelve bioluminescent bay locations the bioluminescence may only appear a couple of days, weeks or possibly a month, and then they are gone, thus justifying the term “Semi Annual”!

Bioluminescent Bay Locations PhotoBioluminescent bay locations in Puerto Rico that are annual, must harbor the following conditions to support the bioluminescence on an annual basics. Bodies of marine water that are surrounded by mangrove forest, salt water trees, primarily the Red Mangrove which plays a large roll is water filtration, marine dinoflagellates thrive in a saltwater environment, so exposure to little or no freshwater, tidal movement via an open channel, inlet or bay that allows for ocean waters to cycle into and out of the bay or lagoon keeping them oxygenated, a composting bottom as found in most estuaries, water clarity that allows for good sunlight penetration. Bioluminescent bay locations in Puerto Rico that exhibit these conditions annually support the glowing waters Puerto Rico is so well known for, such as these annual bioluminescent bay locations:

1). Laguna Grande, Fajardo, Puerto Rico located on the Northeast corner of the island.
Puerto Rico Bio Bay Tours LLC.
Carr. Cabezas de San Juan, Fajardo, 00738, Puerto Rico
+1 787-888-2887

2). Mosquito Bay, Sister Island Vieques, Puerto Rico.
Bahía Bioluminiscente
Puerto Rico

3). La Parguera Bay, Lajas, Southwestern Coast Lajas, Puerto Rico

La Parguera Bay,
near PR-997, Vieques, 00765, Puerto Rico

Note, that all the above bioluminescent bay locations support annual concentrations of bioluminescence, but can vary in there concentrations based on the time of the year, weather patterns and lunar cycle. It’s best to contact a legal outfitter such as Puerto Rico Bio Bay Tours LLC. and request updates on the bioluminescent bay locations conditions you are choosing to visit before booking your tour!

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