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Bioluminescent Bay

Bioluminescent Bay Activities

Bioluminescent Bay is one of the top attractions in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. If you’re looking for a beautiful place to go on a nature walk through a rain forest, Bioluminescent Bay is just the place! In addition to a wonderful hike, you’ll also find plenty of other activities in the area to finish off your…

Bioluminescent Bay in Puerto Rico

Bioluminescent Bay is a popular attraction in Puerto Rico, but that doesn’t mean you should expect to be surrounded by tourists as you try to enjoy the natural sights! Here are some tips to get you the best experience possible for your trip to Bioluminescent Bay. Take A Boat Kayak tours are offered by many…

Bioluminescent Bay Locations

It’s a well-known fact that Puerto Rico has three of the five Bioluminescent Bay Locations in the world that hold the right conditions to support a year-round concentration of bioluminescence! These bioluminescent bay locations must support a very critical group of conditions annually in order for bioluminescence to flourish, but many people don’t know that…

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